19.6 miles for August!

Since my last entry, I’ve ran 1.88 miles 23/08 with my brother and my nephew. It was a great run and my nephew is a fab runner leading the way up the hills (and back down!)

Managed another run on 25/08 with the plodders for 3.05 miles. Taking my August total to 19.6 miles. 

Not bad for my first month running!

Starting to enjoy this 😊


Plodders Do Hills πŸ˜±

Tonight was a killer. A hill session in Runcorn with plodders. My first attempt at running up and down hills, it was tough and even in the new shoes I got a little back niggle. Mainly putting this down to the intense PT weight session I had the evening before. My body was tired and I had been working out 5 days on the run, I really should have taken tonight as a rest day.

The pain wasn’t bad enough to stop me though and I just slowed my pace, walked a bit and eased it off until I felt I could do a light jog back to base.

It was another session to cause a bit of emotion as I cried all the way home in my car. Tears rolling down my cheeks taking me by surprise as I hadn’t realised I felt this way until I got in my car on my own.

I wasn’t sad, I was proud.
In such short space of time I feel like I’ve accomplished so much. I’m not hitting distances or speeds to break records or talk about, but to me I’m achieving goals I thought were unobtainable to me. It’s the small steps that are taking me by surprise and I’m proud of myself for getting to this point.Β Cardio has always been a horrible word to me. Pain, boredom and can’t be bothered used to spring to mind when running was mentioned. Now I associate it with plodders, excitement and a sense of achievement with every run 😊

So in short, I hated and loved tonight in a mix of pain, pleasure and emotions!

Running On Clouds!

First run in my Hokas….

… Like running on clouds!!

Headed out with my brother Jay and mixed it up with hitting the road, woods, muddy paths, concrete paths, grass and stones. Trainers got a full test and they passed! I love them!

I ended up running my furthest distance so far in them 4:05 miles

However, as you can see from the map, the distance wasn’t meant to be so far… we just got a little bit lost and ran a few circles!! 

I told my brother I knew a shortcut and told him to stick to the path to get a longer run and I’d cut through the field. Well, my internal sat nav is awful. I have NO sense of direction and I got lost in a field and rang Jay while running in circles… his map must have looked so much worse as he was running round looking for me as he clocked up an extra 2 miles by the end of the run!

Overall though I felt I could have kept going, I loved the shoes and just bounced along in them!

New Shoes!

The runs I’ve been doing have still been giving me niggles, pains, aches. My legs are heavy and my back hurts. 

I do Crossfit 3 times a week (more if I can), so I’m used to the feeling of tired muscles… but running hurts in other ways – joint pain and nerve pain. 

I don’t want to have to give it up as only a few months ago I couldn’t even run 200m without pain. My PT and the physio worked with me developing strength and technique to help me be able to run and try to be back pain free. 

So off to the highly recommended RunGeek in Warrington I go…

  Website here

Sam was brilliant, got my gait analysis done and paired me up with some Hoka One One Stinson 3. It was agreed I needed more support and cushioning based on all the weightlifting and training I do causing tired legs…

Hmm, a little skeptical that shoes could make such a difference but I’ll find out later on my first run in them!


I joined a running group called plodders in Runcorn. I attended one session in the beginners group to learn some running tekkers. I know I can’t run as well as most, I’m slow, my back hurts, I heal strike etc. 

I return for my 2nd plodders experience. 

With a small turn out and no beginners group tonight, I jump straight in with the 5k group instead of going home. 

Scared, nervous, trying not to show I’m close to tears with emotion. This is a normal weekly plod for some, for me this is scary! Deep breaths and just don’t let anyone know I’m worried about being the last one back and ruining the run for them all. 

However, the evening did not go as expected. In fact, it more than exceeded my expectations! 

We headed off and I kept a slow plod behind a group of ladies, I could hear them chatting and having a laugh and I just focused on not sounding like an asthmatic darth vader behind them. I didn’t want to feel on my own, but equally didn’t want to talk to anyone through fear of not being able to hold a conversation without collapsing for air. 

The girls were fantastic. Everyone was supportive and I ended up speaking to quite a few of them, hearing what inspires them to run, how long they’ve been a plodder and what tips they can share. This made the whole experience so much easier. I held my pace by running amongst them and when I started to fall back they noticed and shared more words of encouragement. One lady in particular ran with me pretty much the whole way, I’m useless with names, I’ll find out her name next week! she was amazing though and also new to the 5k runs. We would slow to a walk, see a lamppost and agree we would run to it to keep us moving – we kept this up on the run back, picking something to run to, something to focus on a da marker to achieve. 

I really enjoyed tonight and really enjoyed running with the plodders.

5k under my belt now!


2nd run!

It’s  Tuesday, it’s time to attempt a 2nd run. It has been 2 days since the last attempt and I’m feeling a bit better about this one! 

Ditching my nanos tonight to run in an old pair of Nike flywires I got years ago for the gym. 

I set off with Millie (my chocolate Labrador) with no real plan of where to run. My back ached running up the small inclines but I was determined to keep moving, my breathing was terrible and I got a little lost in a panic. Thinking I’d never get home. A quick check of the sat nav and i was so happy to realise where I was and immediately ran home!

2:02 miles was a new distance for me and to be honest, I don’t think I could have run any further!

I don’t know how, but I got myself a new 1mile and a new 1k record – feeling good. It was a long run for me, short for others… but this is me against me and every step takes me further 😊


1st Run

I see the runners on the streets, headphones in, bright coloured clothes, on a mission and in the zone, I can do this, I can be like them… how hard can it be?

Oh it’s so hard. Horrible in fact. Can I get my money back? I quit!!

Sadly, this went through my mind 5 mins into my first run! I was running in my Crossfit nanos and trying to cover 3 miles in my first running attempt. I made the distance but walked a lot more than I had anticipated. I looked nothing like the people I’ve seen running. My face was purple and sweaty, I was breathing so heavy I was scaring the walkers and their dogs, my feet banged on the concrete with a loud ‘thud, thud, thud’ and my running app kept terrifying me every time it shouted in my ear with my updated distance and time. 

I got home deflated and ready to give up. 

Then I realised I still did it. I could tick off 3 miles as ‘attempted’ and I had set myself a time to beat. It was a ridiculously long time but at this point in time, it’s my 3 mile time.