Hitting Milestones!

Feeling epic!

I’ve cried driving home, but with this monster smile on my face…

I am so proud, pleased, shocked and just amazed that I ran 10k without stopping or slowing down once. We had a good pace going of 10:48 a mile and my brother Jay and I just ran, giggled and enjoyed ourselves this evening. Can’t believe that just over 10k felt better than the 2miles we did to start August!!

I am sat in my bathtub writing this trying to make myself feel sleepy with lots of lavender – I’m just too giddy to sleep! 

If you’re reading this as a newbie to running and thinking I’m mental, believe me I would have thought the same 2months ago. In fact, I used to think anyone willing to run for an hour was barking mad!

I just know each milestone I hit will be more and more of a buzz. I’m amazed I did it!

I think I just felt so inspired from the talks on Friday that I just plodded along with my brother, giving into the joy of the running bug I caught. 

We hit the pavement and just kept going, the run was comfortable from start to finish. I love running with Jamie because he pushes me, he is a much better runner than me and so he can push me by slowly increasing the pace, getting me to sprint at points and just keep me smiling. We are very much in tune to one another as brother and sister, so he knows how to keep me motivated on a run!

Tonight has given me a psychological boost for the 10k run next Sunday. At least I know I CAN run 10k, it’s just about running at the right pace. I know it’s not just about the times or the distance and it’s about getting out there and running, but my motivation is to do better than I did yesterday and not accepting where I am. If I didn’t and just thought ‘I can’t run therefore why bother’ then I would never have started running. 

You have to keep going, setting yourself new goals/times/distances, breaking the walls around you and making your world bigger. 


I’m going to try and get some sleep now. Still buzzing!!


Plodders Graduation

What a night!

A fantastic night in fact.

So proud to be part of the team.

All walks of life, mixture of ages, all individual people… all have one thing in common… they run and are inspirational women.

The leader of the pack is mental, but is a star through and through. Everyone was recognised last night. They weren’t just a faceless person in the group, a number that turns up and pays subs… this is not that kind of place. Here everyone is important and plays a part in the family they have built. Everyone makes this group what it is.

The leader, known to most affectionately as ‘mother hen’ truly brought a tear or two to most last night. Sharing emotional journeys, struggles and triumphs and introducing some fantastic leaders and local running stars. I felt inspired and moved and more part of this crazy, energetic family.

It became apparent that this isn’t just about running, this is about support too. A group that people can join and not fear being judged, not worry about being the slowest or letting the side down… i had that fear day one and how quickly that fear vanished.

Everyone is on their own journey and plodders helps clear the path and make the journey more fun and rewarding!

Whilst feeling emotional, drinking (lots) of wine and having fun, some fantastic speeches and slideshows, we also raised just under £500 for a local school for children with severe learning difficulties – another reason these guys are awesome… turning an event into a charity fundraiser and giving back to the local community.

Overall, it was a fantastic night and now i’m excited to continue this journey with them all!!

some plodders

Plodding Thursday Comes Again!

I’ve loved tonight.


One of the things in crossfit i sucked at was sprints… i have worked so hard at the running recently that i was looking forward to tonight to push myself and see if i could do it…

… i could!

6 x 100m consecutive sprints!

Really loved it and felt good afterwards, no heavy breathing or dying, quick recovery and ready to bounce home up the hill looking for flashing lights to follow so i wasn’t the one that got lost! Even starting to enjoy hills – the thing that used to scare me in case my back packed in… now i enjoy the burn and the satisfaction of getting up one without stopping and thinking ‘take that you mean old hill, you didn’t get me this time!’

Another 3.5miles tonight takes me to 23.7 miles in September. I might not make my ambitious 35 mile target, but I’ve already run more than i did in August. Me against me and i’m winning!!

I feel great, i feel stronger as a person, i feel more confident and i’m building new friendships in a fantastic group of people.

Tomorrow is ‘Plodders Graduation’ I have no idea what to expect, but i do know it will be fun!

Millie Runs!

I have a chocolate Labrador called Millie, she’s crazy and has energy to burn… a bit like her owner 😂

She’s been running with me and with my brother and this weekend she gave me a little scare. Shaking and unable to stand I worried something very serious was wrong. She was in a lot of pain and it showed. A trip to the emergency vets and they couldn’t find any major issues and gave her an anti inflammatory injection with instructions to take her back if it happened again. I explained I run with her and the vet gave the thumbs up provided we run at her level until better and no sharp turns chasing a ball.

She rested for the rest of Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. Tuesday evening (22/09/15) we went for a gentle jog and she was fantastic – I was prepared to stop and walk if she slowed or appeared in pain, but she bounced along beside me enjoying herself.  👍🏻

We did 2.25 miles and managed an actual loop – no getting lost and no using sat nav to get home!!

Cute picture of Millie from our camping trip a few weeks ago below 😊


Almost 10k!

Well that escalated fast!

I told Jay I wanted to run 10k in October… tonight (September) I ran 5.90 miles… 9.5k!

We set off following a route I said I had planned, the path didn’t look right but I didn’t say a word and we kept on running, a few miles in and I had to admit I had no idea where we were 🙈

We ran round in a few circles ‘clocking up good miles’ my brother said… ‘lost’ I call it!

Meanwhile, the same cyclist went passed us 3 times and a car pulled over to ask for directions, the answer he got from me – ‘sorry, I have no idea where we are!’

Eventually found the path home and when we got back I realised I had my longest run since I started this… almost 10k. If I had known it was so close, I would have kept running!

I felt great, completed a longer distance and we even sprinted home. 

Need to work on getting a more average mile pace rather than so up and down as it is 😊


A Week Without Running

I haven’t done any running for a week. Been focused on Crossfit, work and travel. It’s felt odd not running!

As a result, I had way too much energy at plodders tonight and had a fantastic run. 3.28 miles with two crazy ladies!! They made the run so fun and I finished thinking ‘I could have run further’. 

It is a nice feeling not feeling beat after a run. I’m starting to see the stress releasing benefits of running, I’m actually finding it soothing and quite rewarding. 

I can only run 5k, but it’s 5k further than just over a month ago. 

I hope by the end of October I can run 10k – NEW GOAL!!