Sweaty, hot, 5k!

Monday… Rest day… yes I did say earlier that I would relax. 

What happened?

Well, I started with a small cooked breakfast, got my towel and went to laze by the pool. So far, so good… 10am came and I was up playing ‘shuffleboard’, and I was scribbled down on a pad for something – not quite sure what! 

Off I go to join Joe (or Jo-A as they call him here!). 

Over the loudspeaker I hear ‘Jo-A, Blinky Where are you… Don’t be lazy, be crazy and come over to crazy game’ 

Another game completed, now I’ll go get a drink and relax…

‘Aqua aerobics, come join us’ shout the animation team ‘Emma number 2, Blinky – come join’ 

Well, it would be rude not to! 

Needless to say I’m exhausted by lunch and we escape to the beach to relax after lunch. Relax I did indeed. Just lying in the sun topping up the tan and day dreaming… of running 🙈

4pm and we made our way back to the pool, baking hot we went for another swim. 

Git back to room, showered and I couldn’t stay in any longer. Running kit was on and I was out the door! 

I ran the length of the complex, out past the security guard and onto the open road. It felt good to leave the hotel grounds… I had checked at reception yesterday if it was safe to venture out and I was told ‘yes, it’s safe to run outside, can’t get lost, only one road, it goes to airport (eventually), no other roads’ I asked if there would be much traffic and was informed that not many people have cars, the only vehicles on this road were transporting tourists on day trips, so maybe 5/6 a day. 

Away from the complex and therefore the sea front, there was no breeze. I was out in the heat and it was a struggle to breathe well. The air felt very thin and my phone was saying 35+ degrees. Maybe I should have left it a little later to run!

The road was a long one and I ran until I hit 1.6 miles then turned and ran back. I didn’t fancy going further as it was just me on a lonely road in the middle of what is usually dessert land – a little greenery there now though after the hurricane in August (previous to that, it hadn’t rained on this part of the island for 2 years!)

On my way back, I notice a herd of cows… I quickly crossed to the other side of the road and kept running, a little afraid they might chase after me (but managed a quick photo of them!).

Sweat was pouring off me at this point. 

The security guard wished me well as I came back onto the complex, I ran to my apartment block and as I got there one of the employees taking cases for the new arrivals stopped and cheered for my final few meters…. he made me feel like I had run a really big event! 

‘I only did a 5k run around’ I said to him ‘not a marathon! But thanks!’ 

‘Lady, you run any amount and you fantastic. Weather so hot, you have strength and big smile. No stress!’

Wanted to hug him, instead I went into my room and lay on the cold tiles… tomorrow I will rest!



Trying to rest!

Today I’m trying to rest. 

Sounds easy, it’s 7am though and it’s killing me!

I had a bad nights sleep, constant nightmares and waking up every hour. 

I feel bad not getting up to run this morning and I wanted to then visit the gym when it opened at 8am. 

Instead, I’m going to finish my book, join in with aqua aerobics again and relax by the pool. 

Tomorrow morning I will start the day with a nice run outside the complex, to explore, with fresh and relaxed legs!

I’m still not sure on what my body needs/wants or how often you should rest etc, I’m useless at understanding all that… but I do know a good rest day is important. 

So, mission today… REST!!

Early start!

It’s 5am, it’s dark out and I’m wide awake. 

My body is itching to move… but it’s dark outside. 

I lay in bed for another 30 mins… Then up I get creeping around in the dark for my shorts and trainers… skipping rope. 

It’s about time I faced double unders again!

A voice under the covers chirps up ‘Where you going? What time is it?!’ 

‘Just off to stretch my legs and wake up properly!’

After 10 mins of whipping my bum, thighs and head and making the decision not to start the wrong conversations in my bikini with whip marks later in the day, I downed the rope and decided to takeaway gentle stroll around. 

It really did ‘wake me up’. It dusted the morning cobwebs out my head. I removed my earphones and ran just listening to the birds and the sea crashing. It was beautiful. 

The sun was rising and I felt happy to be taking it all in while no one was around and the busy complex was still sleeping. 

In my path was a big silver crab who shuffled to thesis to let me past, I found myself thanking it out loud!

I passed a lady walking to get a subbed at 6am in the morning!!

As I was running, the sun had come out and the temperature was high, along with the thin air I just thought I should head back. 

When I knew I had about 400m left to go, I sprinted… I wanted to push myself. I was just loving this feeling of moving around at speed as a few more faces emerged to grab a sunbed walking like zombies! I was alive and felt amazing!

I even had a little kitten join my stretch and cool down, couldn’t stop climbing on me and even walked me to my room, crying because I couldn’t let it in. So cute though!


Holiday: Boa Vista, Cape Verde 😍

I’ve arrived. 

I’m on holiday and its 38-42 degrees everyday. 

Perfect weather to switch off, feet up and relax…

… so why am I itching to exercise?!

I arrived Thursday at 2pm and was exhausted. I spent the day babysitting my 2 year old nephew on Wednesday getting up to all sorts of crazies, then collected my 6 year old nephew from school. So until they were collected at about 6pm, I hadn’t even started to think of packing!

Still sorting my case at 1am and due to leave for the airport at 4am. Needless to say I had little sleep. The plane was delayed on the runway and I spent just over 6.5 hours on the plane. Arrived at Boa Vista tired, hungry and confused!

It was an early night and the next day was a different story!

Friday 9th October. 

I enjoyed an amazingly huge breakfast – big English breakfast followed by waffles, pancakes and chocolate sauce! Relaxed and got into my book and a spot of sunbathing. Something was niggling at me though. My body wanted to move. 

It’s so humid, sweat is dripping off me… but I want to move. 

It’s 3pm it’s now 32 degrees and extremely humid. I head back to the room and change into my running gear. I head the gym and spot a lonely treadmill. I used to think only cardio bunnies afraid of lifting weights used treadmills, thought they were the go to for people that had no idea what they were doing. I admit I was narrow minded and realise that they are a perfectly good form of training! 

I put it on an incline and at a pace a little slower than I ran the 10k in with an aim to run 5k. 

I was clearly not prepared for this. 

Running on a treadmill is much harder than I thought. It’s harder to keep focused when all you have is the same view. To be fair my view was of the waves crashing into the white sand – but still, 20 mins in and the hypnotising effect wore off. I managed 2 miles running uphill but the heat was too much. I was sweating and dripping over the treadmill. I was starting to feel dizzy and it was not comfortable. 

I jumped off the treadmill and started to jog out of the gym, much to the amusement of the staff!

I ran around the complex and enjoyed the views, it was much harder than I’m used to back home. The air was still, the sun still out and bearing down on me. However, the occasional cheers from residents at the hotel and the animation team encouraging me along felt awesome. My fear that I would be jeered face way as I realised most didn’t take notice, some bothered to cheer and some just had a look that I was crazy, but with a smile on their face. 

In total I managed 2.67 miles. Didn’t quite make the 5k, but I’m pleased with that given the heat!

Resting today (Saturday) and attempting an early morning run tomorrow.

1st 10k multi terrain race… DONE!

One word to describe today? I’d use ’emotional’

Woke up at 6am… eventually dragged myself out of bed at 7am. Dressed and sat force feeding myself my morning porridge.

I was nervous, very nervous.

Several toilet trips before I left the house, then off to the duck pond I went.

I was so pleased to pull up and see familiar faces, some just as nervous and some full of energy.

Group photos by the cars, I stayed in the car though in a state of panic ‘what am I doing here? I can’t run 10k.’ Was all that went through my mind.

The drive down there, then the walk to the registration seemed over so quickly and before I knew it I was on the start line, panicking that I wouldn’t get my phone working in time to record my run. At least it was chip timed.

And we’re off!

I immediately lose track of everyone. Looking round for a familiar face, I don’t see anyone. So, in go my earphones and I listen to the voice… ‘0.25 miles… 0.5miles…’

When I hit 1 mile, I realise I need music to get through this.

Panic… I didn’t load any music onto my phone.

I can’t get my phone out and load Spotify mid run.

So I just click the button on my earphones and hope I have something… On comes Jay-Z.

Awesome, I can run to this. Smiling as I think I have the full album on my phone.

The sun is out, the scenery is lovely, it’s a gorgeous day.

Smile soon fades, next song ‘oh the weather outside is frightful’… great, a Christmas song is on my phone. ‘Don’t panic’ I told myself ‘there must be more Jay-Z to follow’ … How wrong I was, song after song of Christmas classics!

Hit the 5k mark and the tears started. I had run that 5k faster than any 5k before… and I still had 5k to go! I was so proud to reach that half way point. I couldn’t hold back the tears and just started sobbing. ‘Pull yourself together’!

I couldn’t help but laugh as ‘Dominic the donkey’ kicked in and stopped my random tearful moment. On I pushed.

I don’t know where my energy came from. Then a random person shouted ‘come on Blinkie’ obviously just shouted the name on the back of my top, but I started to feel all emotional again… what on earth is wrong with me!

Head down, 2 miles to go. I thought of a roundabout which my brother and I run to which is 1mile from his house. ‘Ok, I’m just running to the roundabout and back’ off I went, head down and picked up the pace.

‘Go on Blinkie!’ I turn around to see a fellow plodder, I had been so wrapped up in Christmas songs and running my own route in my head I forgot where I was, didn’t even realise I was running up hill!

All I remember is shouting ‘I feel sick!’

‘Slow down, take it easy then run at the finish’ I remember hearing that, but not processing and just thinking ‘just keep running, the finish line isn’t far’

As soon as I saw the finish line I ran as fast as I could.

All sorts of emotions running through me.

Medal put in my hand while someone else was cutting my chip timer off my shoe. I was just looking for faces in the crowd.

Then I saw them… Joe and my brother Jay. Both looked proud and I felt myself well up again!

I grabbed my top, got my chip time and couldn’t believe it. My first 10k in 59:34.6. My goal was 1:15 and I smashed it..  as well as running the 2nd half faster than the first!!

I was, and still am, I ecstatic!

Our entire team did fantastic and I was over the moon I did it and just felt amazing!

My first Multi Terrain 10k race with a few hills… under 1 hour… done and super proud!

Race Day: Winsford 10k

I have woken up, still in bed, drinking my cup of tea.

My first ‘race day’

I’m nervous. 

I feel sick. 

I want to just go back to sleep. 

What if I slip/fall, get lost, run out of steam, can’t do it or get my trainers muddy?

I really wish my brother was doing this with me and helping to set my pace. 

I’m so nervous. 

I feel sick. 

I’m going to get ready in a bit and make a bowl of porridge, that should keep me going. 

Off to meet Lynette for a car share to the event at 8am. 

I feel nervous. 

I feel sick. 

See you on the other side…