End of 2015!

What a year it has been!

2015 started with a glass of champagne on my mums sofa in my onesie… and I’m pretty sure 2016 will start in the same way but in my own home this year due to a poorly dog!


  • Kicked off with a round of golf Jan 2nd at The Oaks Golf Club in Mollington, Cheshire. 
  • My nan was very poorly in hospital but came out later in the month
  • Had lots of snow and took my nephews sledging up by mine in North Wales
  • Travel: London, Dublin, Chicago 



  • Spent a week working in Chicago, stayed at the Westin this year near the airport as opposed to being in downtown Chicago. 
  • Lots of mall shopping, Cheesecake Factory visits, lots of snow, hotel gym workouts, Super Bowl, line dancing, meeting  Chris Gardner who wrote ‘the pursuit of happiness’ and was played by Will Smith on the big screen.
  • Started my PT sessions up again
  • Ski trip in Borovets, Bulgaria with my friend Jilly. 
  • Travel: Chicago, Dublin, Netherlands, Bulgaria 



  • Took my mum to see Lionel Richie in Liverpool, gave my dad a ticket too to keep her company! (For 2016 I got her tickets to meet him!)
  • Did a ‘Woofs & Wellies’ walk with the local hospice. 
  • It was the month of the eclipse!
  • Attended a fantastic weightlifting workshop focusing on ‘snatch’ and ‘clean and jerk’. PB in both too 😊
  • Decreased the time in my 2k row to 8:31
  • Travel: Liverpool!



  • Easter, got Liverpool kits for my adorable nephews instead of chocolate!
  • Awesome bike ride adventure with my oldest nephew
  • Joe and I cycled to Liverpool 
  • Day trip to Manchester golf show
  • Travel: London, Scotland 



  • Got myself a new deadlift PB of 145kg and was super pleased at lifting over 2x my body weight!
  • Started golf lessons to brush up on my game play
  • Got my first birdie on the golf course at Sandfield Golf Course
  • Attended Bodypower Expo in Birmingham with VIP pass – Dana Linn Bailey πŸ’ͺ🏼😍
  • Drinks for my friend Hannah’s 30th
  • Rockclimbing with my nephews
  • Travel: Birmingham 



  • Oldest nephews 6th birthday and we rocked up in fat suits to surprise everyone!
  • Awesome seminar at CW1 Crossfit in Crewe, Cheshire with Steve Fawcett and Buff Box Meals
  • Overnight stay and rounds of Golf at Cally Palace Hotel in Scotland
  • Shared a cinema screen with 7 random adults and not a child in site watching ‘Minions!’
  • Travel: London, Cambridge, Scotland 



  • Got myself some Adidas Drehkrafts for Olympic lifting!
  • Had my long waist length hair chopped to chin length 😱
  • England ladies win bronze in Fifa women’s World Cup!
  • Built dens in the forest with my nephews
  • Crossfit Warrington night out after the summer throwdown – lots of fun!
  • Did my first session with Runcorn Plodders!!
  • First 5k colour splash for Trinity Hospice in Blackpool on the beach, with my brother and my nephew Josh!
  • Travel: London, Blackpool 



  • More golf fun at Mollington Golf Club!
  • Google cardboard changed my life!
  • Got my first pair of running shoes from Run Geek – Hoka One One
  • Went to the filming of Ninja Warrior UK and met the gorgeous Chris Kamara
  • Experienced camping for the first time 
  • Climbed Snowden with Joe and Millie (my Labrador)
  • Travel: Manchester, Snowden



  • Running starting to pick up as I do more running on my own and start this blog
  • Got to see my brother Jamie use the Christmas gift I got him and fly a helicopter in Manchester!
  • Got my plodders running vest and loved my first hill session
  • Tried chicken drumsticks for the first time eek!
  • Ran my longest distance at 5.90 miles 64mins
  • Had a hedgehog come visit in the back garden – so cute!
  • Plodders graduation
  • Legoland fun in Manchester
  • Travel: London, Cambridge, Manchester



  • My first 10k race. Completed in 59:34 PB finishing 174/450!
  • Some winter sun with a 2 week all inclusive holiday in Riu Toureg, Boa Vista, Cape Verde – lots of running in the sun too!
  • Travel: Boa Vista in Cape Verde



  • First time marshalling – Norton Priory 5
  • Went to ‘An Evening For The Angels’ raising money for Miscarriage Association
  • Had a plod with some lovely ladies
  • Left my job after 6 years there. Opening new doors for a new adventure. 
  • First breeze bike ride
  • Joe did his leg in, we thought it was a simple break but turned out to be worse – 2 damaged ligaments in his ankle 😞
  • I celebrated getting a year older with a lovely meal at Casa Italia in Liverpool (one on my fave Italians!) and mainly drinking tea from my new tardis to match my tardis teapot (simple things!!)
  • Travel: none!



  • A month of Christmas preparations! Made chocolates with my nephew
  • More hills with the plodders
  • Focused a lot on snatch technique this month with Ged and Beth
  • My youngest brother turned 30… making me feel very old!
  • My other brother and I set up weekly long runs
  • Completed the Reindeer Rush for Miscarriage Association
  • Completed the Livewire 1mile Santa dash, in a fat suit, with my 2 year old nephew
  • Completed the Nantwich 5k Santa dash, in a fat suit, with my 6 year old nephew 
  • Millie had surgery on her ear 😒
  • Completed my first virtual run with my brother and 6 year old nephew
  • Star Wars: The Force Awakens premier – amazing!!
  • Christmas night out with the plodders
  • 5k PB of 28:58
  • I ended December with a 5k run last night taking my total miles for this month to 35 (PB: most miles in a month to date for me!)

All in all I loved this year and I’m looking forward to next year. Running has changed a lot for me in the last few months. I’ve met some brilliant people and found a new passion in my life. As scary as the prospect of my first 1/2 marathon is, I’m excited for the challenge.

I have so many other things to look forward to in 2016 too… camping trips (after my first was a success this year!),  hearing all about my mum meeting her idol Lionel Richie, really hope she enjoys it! My brother bungee jumping with his ‘jump into your 30’s’ gift off Joe and I! New adventure in a new job, more Crossfit and weightlifting, hopefully more running events and maybe even signing up to a marathon before the year is over!! Lots of other stuff going on in my personal life too!!

So, here’s to a fantastic 2016 as we wave goodbye to 2015 – have a great night whatever you’re up to… I plan to be on my sofa in a comfy onesie with my dog, my man and a glass of prosecco!


Festive Break!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

Mine was the usual… hectic, fun, noisy and all about family!

I’ve also enjoyed taking a few days rest and recharging my batteries. I haven’t been out for a run since last Wednesday and don’t have another scheduled until tomorrow. 

The only exercise I’ve done is a Crossfit PT session on Sunday. 

It was a great session though as my OHS is improving so much and while we have been ironing out the issues with my shoulder, back, hip and knee all working together, it has been helping to improve my running! 

Looking forward to a 3.1 mile run tomorrow with Sabrina and hopefully a 5 mile run with my brother on New Years Day. 

I have the 1/2 marathon in May and this was the reason I started this blog… this is my big goal – to complete a 1/2 marathon… So, today I want to start looking at training plans. Never used a training plan but I think I need some guidance for the distance and best ways to train. Any advice?

I think I will also start looking at events/races to enter in 2016 to keep me on track and focused. I quite like the virtual challenges!

– What have you been up to during the festive break? Resting and relaxing or still clocking up the miles?

– Any training advice you can share or links/blogs/apps to help with training for my first 1/2 marathon?

Please comment below, I genuinely appreciate the advice from you.

Christmas Eve Eve 5k!

Home and showered after a nice 5k plod. 

After Sunday’s painful and bunged up run, today I ran with with a friend and fellow plodder. It was nice to be able to breathe! 

We dropped the pace so we could chat for the full 5k and it was a really nice run, I really enjoyed it!

We did look complete opposites though as Sabrina climbed out her car in shorts with running tights underneath, top and jacket fully zipped up and pulled over her cold hands… I bounced out of my car in my short shorts and my buddy the elf t-shirt!

Was nice to redeem myself to myself after I decided I hated running on Sunday! I’m liking it again now – it was a short lived fall out!

Hoping the cold is gone for Christmas and I’m going to rest now until my PT strength session on Sunday. 

3 1/2 days of rest! 

That said, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and then Boxing Day… Might not be too much resting!

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays and thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you enjoy it! xxx



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Virtual Run Santa 5k

In a previous blog, I mentioned that I had booked places on a virtual Santa run (with virtual runner uk) for my 6 year old nephew Josh, his dad/my brother Jamie and I. 

It started with Josh receiving a scroll from Santa inviting him to do a run…

  Josh was so excited!

In the week leading up to the run I sent a second letter, from Santa, with a map and instructions on the run. 

His excitement grew!

On Wednesday 16th, Josh ran his 2nd 5k of the week. In his shorts and t-shirt, headband on and race number pinned to his back so Santa could track him, he set off!

He was so excited to see other people out running and was asking his dad and I if they were also racing for Santa! 

We noticed that when there aren’t people to catch up to, he isn’t as driven and as fast… but I think that’s true of his dad and I too, quite competitive! Hopefully he will learn to be competitive with himself too one day!

As we got near the house, we told Josh we were going to sprint finish, Jay and I held back so he could reach the house as I had a surprise waiting for him…

All in all, I think he loved it. He was excited to find a certificate and medals waiting for him, along with a personal letter from Santa to let him know he watched him run live on the big screen in the North Pole!

Virtual Run no. 2!

Jay and I wanted to do another 5k at the end of the week, so I decided I would give that 5k my all. We both agreed on a route and decided we would both run at our own pace and meet back at Jays house. 

It didn’t go so well though. 

We set off and all seemed OK. The first mile was a straight, flat run to the roundabout. Wind blowing on our backs and I was spurred on by the fact that my pace was faster than normal, despite being full of cold. 

It didn’t last. 

Mile 2 the wind was blowing hard and fast towards me. As I can’t breathe through my nose, I was struggling to catch my breath. This was making me feel very sick and disorientated. 

It was a shaky 2nd mile followed by an uphill struggle for mile 3.  

It was the worst run I have done in a long time. I was hating it. Jay could see my discomfort and immediately sacrificed a good 5k to plod along with me, sprinting at times when I told him to run on, he would get to the end of the road, turn and run back to me!

Despite the banging headache, the inability to breath through my nose, the persistent sick feeling, I ran my fastest 5k since I’ve been tracking with strava and garmin. My pace was under 10mins for each mile, which is another accomplishment for me. 

 My brain still can’t quite compute this as I felt dreadful the whole way through!!!

I got home, showered and got comfy. I feel battered and decided to listen to my body and relax, can’t be ill for Christmas!

Happy running everyone and I hope Santa is good to you!!


Santa Dash 2!

Sunday 13th December

Raising money for Hope House in Nantwich, Cheshire. 

Yesterday, I plodded a mile in the suit… today, 3 miles!

My other brother, Jay – the one I normally train with, ran this with me in a fat suit too. 

This time we took along Louis’s older brother, Josh. Josh is 6 years old and already run a Santa dash with us last year and a colour run earlier this year, as well as joining us on a couple of training runs and a small hill session. 

bottom middle pic, see Josh crossing the finish line far infront of the fat santas!!

He refused to stop and pushed on for the full 5k. I had to slow to a walk a couple of times as I overheated in the suit, despite it being a very cold day and I was wearing just shorts and a tee under the suit… but I was sweating like a fat Santa!

A local paper took our photo, so I will be looking out for that to save in a scrapbook I’m keeping for my nephews for when they are older. 

I’m a proud auntie to have run with both my nephews and happy to have run with both my brothers this weekend. It has been great, a little sweaty and uncomfortable, but fun and memorable too!

Jay and I even posed for a few photos for passers by and goofed about in our suits while they filmed us!


Another 4.1 miles in the running bank this weekend and 19.9 miles deposited in the running bank for December up to now!

Santa Dash!

Today was my youngest nephews first Santa Dash and we gave him one to remember!

His uncle Mark (my brother) and I decided to dress a little differently to all the other santas… 

… We got ourselves inflatable fat suits!

Here’s me warming up at home in it last night…

It was just a mile, but a mile was far in this fat suit while holding a 2 year olds hand and trotting at his pace!


warming up!
Was great fun though and he loved it, especially getting his first ever medal as we crossed the finish line!

I used my garmin to route it for him,so he has his first run recorded… a little annoyed with myself that I forgot to end it and left it running while we sat and relaxed post run… I only remembered to turn it off when we got in the car… oops!

It was a wet day too and we were soaked at the end, but still smiling. 

Louis was given his medal, grinning from ear to ear, then went off to see Santa to collect his selection box!

A fantastically organised event and the rain didn’t seem to dampen anyone’s spirits, the livewire team were excellent with fantastic marshals on our little route to cheer us along and provide amusing Christmas outfits to keep us smiling!

I took home one very happy little nephew and by 4pm he was fast asleep unable to be woken… I just hope he stays sleeping for his mummy and daddy!

Tomorrow I will be doing it all again but with his big brother Josh (6) as we run a 5k Santa dash in Nantwich, Cheshire!

Reindeer Run for Miscarriage Association

Thursday 10th December

Tonight is plodders night, but instead of the usual 5k run/hill session, we did something different. We each paid to enter a reindeer run and wore our antlers with pride as we plodded round the 2.25 mile course to the pub at the finish line!

It was a brilliant night and lots of money was raised for Miscarriage Association, a charity that one of our leaders has been raising for all year. She really has done a remarkable job and should so proud. It was good fun and even had a cheeky cherry cider at the end!