Sprints almost killed me!

Today (Monday 11th) I met up with a fellow plodder… one of the leaders, a fast plodder with a lot of races to her name… she is just awesome… slightly insane and crazy but an amazing runner.

Anyway, tonight we met for a sprint session.

It was tough.

The more I work on endurance and distance the worse I seem to get at sprinting.

It makes no sense to me!

But I’m not going to get anywhere unless I keep at it and keep ploughing on!

I managed to work out the ‘lap’ button on my garmin 235 (still need to suss the auto stop)

1. warm up plod for 0.71 miles

2. Sprint 1: 1:53

3. Walk back

4. Sprint 2: 1:52

5. Walk back

6. Sprint 3: 1:42

7. Walk back

8. Sprint 4: 1:41

9. Walk back

10. Sprint 5: 1:34

11. Walk back

12. Sprint 6: 1:37

13. Walk back

14. Sprint 7: 1:34

15. Walk back

16. Sprint 8: 1:33

17. Walk back

18. Plod back to start 0.61 miles

19. Cool down walk to end

As you can see, my sprints got faster as I got more tired. I don’t understand why or how! The last sprint it had started raining, so I did it with the rain hitting my face and my eyes closed most of the run!

I also discovered these sprints were up a slight elevation. Ouch!

Doing a shorter sprint session tonight, over 200m distance. 

Right now though, my legs are goosed and resting 😊


A muddy, dark and amazing 7.5 miles!


It was very dark!

I’m home, showered and feeling amazing!

7.5 miles in the bag tonight and had the energy for another lap to take me to 10… but my brother got a call from his wife to say tea was ready, and as we spent most of the run discussing food, that was the call that made us run back to our cars to head off home. 

It was my first run in the dark, the mud, off road, in my trail hokas and it felt great. We picked a route that we knew and was a 2mile distance and just went round in circles ending in a figure 8 to get back to the cars. At no point did I feel tired, it wasn’t a fast pace and we didn’t even monitor the pace, I just wanted to go and enjoy a run!


We did 3 loops round and cut through the middle on the fourth in a figure of eight to head back to the cars
The plan was to start off slow so we could add some miles on, but we ran slower than needed and gradually picked up the pace when we realised we had run further than I thought. 

I honestly felt we could have ploughed on a few more miles, which is a lovely feeling to end the run with. We had good banter round the run and at no point was it uncomfortable, too fast, tiring or painful. I loved it. 

I was nervous to run where we chose in the dark. Now though, I can’t wait to get back out in the dark and the mud. I really did love it!

Tomorrow is a speed session with my friend, so I’m looking forward to that. Sprints used to be what I was far better at… but I’m slowly starting to feel more comfortable with the longer plods. 

I just feel so upbeat at the moment with all the training. This run tonight has also given me confidence that I can run the 1/2 marathon with a little bit more training. My goal now though is to ensure I’m strong enough to do it in a good time too!


First week of 2016 ✔️✔️✔️

This week has been a crazy one!

First week of 2016!

Sunday 3rd – 6.27 miles running

Monday 4th – 1hr 1st Crossfit session of 2016

Tuesday 5th – 3.1 miles running

Wednesday 6th – 1hr Crossfit and 2.2 miles walking

Thursday 7th – 3.1 miles running and 2.8 miles walking

Friday 8th – rested!

Saturday 9th – 2hr Olympic lifting training
It has been a sore week back as DOMs kicked in mid week! 

I wrote about my run on Sunday and my first Crossfit session of 2016 on Monday. 


The 3.1 miles I did on Tuesday was a run round a loop we do a lot in plodders, with my friend Sabrina. It was a wet evening and cold, but a good run to burn off some Christmas mince pies! 


With the DOMs starting to kick in from Monday, I went off to Crossfit on Wednesday. It was a good session. We warmed up with running, kettlebell exercises and good mornings (10×3 @ 25kg). 

We then moved on to building up to a heavy 3 rep deadlift in 15 mins. 

I did: 8 x 55kg, 8 x 65kg, 5 x 75kg, 5 x 85kg, 3 x 95kg, 3 x 100kg, 3 x 105kg

Not as heavy as I usually build to, but I was very happy to have done that after the Christmas break. 

Then came the wod: 11.2 (aaahhhhhh!) 15min AMRAP: 9xDL (I used 55kg), 12xPU, 15xBJ (20″). I managed 6 full rounds + 9 DL.

Later in the afternoon, I took my dog Millie out for a 2.2 mile walk to loosen off my muscles!


This was the day my muscles were really aching! I knew it was plodders Thursday and I didn’t want to miss the first session back, so I headed out with Millie to walk off some of the stiffness. We finished our 2.8 mile walk with just enough time for me to eat and then head out to plodders. 

I wasn’t feeling great for a benchmark run. My glutes and hamstrings were tight and sore. I headed off with the group though and made it round. I’m not going to lie, it was tough. I surprised myself at the end when I saw the time I had completed it in. 

I first did the ‘loop’ in August when I joined plodders. I did it in 36 mins. (Back on my Nike app)

25th Aug 35.51

Fast forward to Dec and dropped to 34.54

This session I did it in 28.04!

That’s 8 mins quicker in 5 months!



i’m in the shorts at the front!
I rested, and boy did I need that rest!


Olympic weightlifting session. We worked on snatch technique, clean and jerk, push press and back squats. 

I love these sessions, usually slow and heavy reps working on correct form and technique. 


That brings us to TODAY! My plan was to meet my brother and go on a long run today. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to reach him all day. So, I’ll lace up and take myself for a run later – just won’t be as long as I had planned. Tomorrow I have a planned speed session with Sabrina, Crossfit Tuesday, Crossfit Wednesday and a run with my brother, plodders hill session on Thursday, Crossfit Friday and then a park run on Saturday!


It’s been a great start to the year for me. I hope you’ve all had a great start so far and I’d love to hear how you’re getting on!

1st Crossfit WOD of 2016!

Monday, Jan 4th

4 days into the year and I realise today is my first day in the box this year!

I didn’t check the WOD before heading there so I creep over to the board at 12.20pm to scope it out, before it starts at 12.30pm. 

My choices were:

8 min AMRAP

  • 10 x wall balls
  • 10 x burpees 
  • 10 x kbs 

4 min rest

  • 1k run


KELLY (30 min time cap)

I went with option 1… We did the warm up and I got my 5kg ball and 16kg kettlebell ready to start. I made it through 3 rounds and 5 burpees in the first 8 mins, then I managed the 1k run in 6min 21. 

I was done 😊… or so I though 🙈

I hadn’t realised there was a small x 2 at the bottom. 

So, after another 4 min rest I had to do it all again!! 

This time I surprisingly went quicker on the run, despite feeling exhausted! I managed 3 rounds and 10 wall balls in the first 8 mins and the 1k run in 5.23. 

Felt good driving home. Lots of energy!

Short lived though… I got home, showered, sat down and stayed there for 2 hours!

If I had closed my eyes, I know I could have slept for hours… but as I haven’t been sleeping at night I refused to have a nap thinking I would sleep like a baby in the evening. 

So, why am I writing this now? I should be asleep!!

Went to bed at 10.30pm and haven’t slept a wink. It’s 3am now and I’ve given in. I’ve got up walked around, made a drink and I know tomorrow will be exhausting if I can’t sleep. 

The last few years my shoulders have itched to the bone… but only when it’s cold and at night when I try to relax. It’s never been that bad that I can’t sleep though. The last week or so, it has been. I just can’t get comfortable and my joints ache – shoulders and elbows. No idea what’s causing it, but I will be booking a trip to the doctors this week. 
Anyway, I have another Crossfit session tomorrow followed by a 5k run with my running buddy, Sabrina! So, I’m going to try force myself to sleep for 5 hours 😴😴😴

Surprise 10k!

On Sunday I saw a post in our ‘Runcorn Plodders’ group… ‘Who fancies a run tonight?’ 

I was having a lazy day and was supposed to have gone for a run with my brother, but he had a change of plans. 

I was quite content staying on the sofa, hot brew in hand.

However, I found my self typing back to confirm I’d join!

We met at 7.15pm and in my head I just thought it would be a little 2 or 3 mile plod. 

4 of us set off. We threw some hills in and planned a 5k run and planned to loop again if we fancied going on. I decided I was going to call it at 5k. 

One of the ladies didn’t feel very well, she is a strong one, but was recovering from a nasty chest infection… so we ran her home to ensure she wasn’t on her own in the dark. We had some giggles along the way and it was a fun, gentle plod. 

And then there were 3…

We had hit 5k at this point so we decided to make it 10k by the time we got to my parked car. 

I say ‘we’ but I really didn’t have a choice. 

With my complete lack of direction, I had no idea where my car was! I just matched the pace of Kerry and trotted along next to her. It’s so much easier for me to run with someone as I just slip into their pace and match the foot hitting the pavement with theirs. It becomes natural and I don’t even think about it. When I’m on my own I struggle to find that comfortable pace. 

We ended on 6.27 miles and in a good time too. For the last mile or so, we were pretty much within touching distance of my car but zig zagged around it… probably a good job I didn’t work this out until the end!!

It was a fantastic session though, an unexpected 10k and I felt great. Even felt like I could have done a few more miles. 


First day of 2016!

Woke with a slight prosecco/cider hangover at 11am.

Stayed in bed until 12pm… Almost wrote the whole day off!

I got up though, sorted my stuff out and travelled over to my parents at 2pm for a ‘New Year Dinner’ with my brother, my nephews and my parents. Unfortunately my other brother didn’t make it… by all accounts his hangover was very bad!

About an hour or two after the big feast, my brother and I changed into our running gear – determined to start the year with a good run. We mapped a route out and went out to see if we could run it. 

The first two miles we ran together chatting about 2015 and what we see us doing in 2016, talked about his kids/my nephews and generally caught up. 

During the first 3 miles, my back ached. The way it did when I first started running. By mile 2 my left foot had started to go numb. It was uncomfortable and a horrible feeling. My big toe was completely numb and the rest of my foot was part numb, part pins and needles. I loosened my shoe laces and we ran on. It was like it for a good mile. 

When we hit the 5k/3.1 mile mark, Jay ran on ahead on one route while I ran in a different direction. If we followed the route correctly we would meet at a roundabout – giving jay the opportunity to run his 6 min miles and cover more ground while I plodded along at just over 10 min miles. 

This was a great plan… In theory!

I got to the roundabout and met Jay thinking our timing was spot on. 

When we got home and looked over our routes I realised I had taken a wrong turn when on my own and extended my run. This meant that when Jay first got to the roundabout I was nowhere to be seen. He looped round looking for me then headed back to the roundabout to see my light bobbing along assuming he had just got there too!

Just as we were going over the maps and realising I had increased the run by and extra 1/2 mile for us both, my 6 year old nephew walks in to say ‘Daddy, Emma always gets lost… she only has to go out the front door and she is lost!’

2016 is the year that I will learn to read a map, follow a map and not get lost!!


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