A muddy, dark and amazing 7.5 miles!


It was very dark!

I’m home, showered and feeling amazing!

7.5 miles in the bag tonight and had the energy for another lap to take me to 10… but my brother got a call from his wife to say tea was ready, and as we spent most of the run discussing food, that was the call that made us run back to our cars to head off home. 

It was my first run in the dark, the mud, off road, in my trail hokas and it felt great. We picked a route that we knew and was a 2mile distance and just went round in circles ending in a figure 8 to get back to the cars. At no point did I feel tired, it wasn’t a fast pace and we didn’t even monitor the pace, I just wanted to go and enjoy a run!


We did 3 loops round and cut through the middle on the fourth in a figure of eight to head back to the cars
The plan was to start off slow so we could add some miles on, but we ran slower than needed and gradually picked up the pace when we realised we had run further than I thought. 

I honestly felt we could have ploughed on a few more miles, which is a lovely feeling to end the run with. We had good banter round the run and at no point was it uncomfortable, too fast, tiring or painful. I loved it. 

I was nervous to run where we chose in the dark. Now though, I can’t wait to get back out in the dark and the mud. I really did love it!

Tomorrow is a speed session with my friend, so I’m looking forward to that. Sprints used to be what I was far better at… but I’m slowly starting to feel more comfortable with the longer plods. 

I just feel so upbeat at the moment with all the training. This run tonight has also given me confidence that I can run the 1/2 marathon with a little bit more training. My goal now though is to ensure I’m strong enough to do it in a good time too!



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