Sprints almost killed me!

Today (Monday 11th) I met up with a fellow plodder… one of the leaders, a fast plodder with a lot of races to her name… she is just awesome… slightly insane and crazy but an amazing runner.

Anyway, tonight we met for a sprint session.

It was tough.

The more I work on endurance and distance the worse I seem to get at sprinting.

It makes no sense to me!

But I’m not going to get anywhere unless I keep at it and keep ploughing on!

I managed to work out the ‘lap’ button on my garmin 235 (still need to suss the auto stop)

1. warm up plod for 0.71 miles

2. Sprint 1: 1:53

3. Walk back

4. Sprint 2: 1:52

5. Walk back

6. Sprint 3: 1:42

7. Walk back

8. Sprint 4: 1:41

9. Walk back

10. Sprint 5: 1:34

11. Walk back

12. Sprint 6: 1:37

13. Walk back

14. Sprint 7: 1:34

15. Walk back

16. Sprint 8: 1:33

17. Walk back

18. Plod back to start 0.61 miles

19. Cool down walk to end

As you can see, my sprints got faster as I got more tired. I don’t understand why or how! The last sprint it had started raining, so I did it with the rain hitting my face and my eyes closed most of the run!

I also discovered these sprints were up a slight elevation. Ouch!

Doing a shorter sprint session tonight, over 200m distance. 

Right now though, my legs are goosed and resting 😊


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