Early Morning Run

Well, not that early…

… 9am I met my running buddy out in the cold, but the sun was shining.

We chatted and caught up while running a new route.

Setting off to complete 4 miles at constant chatting speed!

Despite the nip in the air, it was a beautiful morning. 

First proper sun we’ve seen this year. 

We discussed our concerns regarding getting in enough miles for the rock n roll 1/2 marathon that looms closer everyday now, I worry it will be a run/walk for me… but I’ll be happy to just finish it either way!

My running buddy is off to Florida soon, as well as her birthday fast approaching – so we had lots to matter about!

We finally completed our 4 miles and bobbed in the cafe at the park.

A cup of teapigs peppermint tea and a cup of water, I couldn’t be happier… It took us longer to chat some more and drink our tea than it did to run 4 miles!!

Home, showered and crashed out afterwards. 

Felt really good to get a morning run in, I enjoyed today so much. 

Now to plan my next run…


Jan ended, Feb begun!

It’s been 37 days since my last post. 

So much has been going on!

I ended January on 49.04 miles… unfortunately, I worked this out on the last hour and had no time to round up to 50!!

Previous to this my most miles was 35 in December, so I’m really pleased!

Feb has been a different story though, been a bit unwell and struggled to get out there and having physio on my knee meant I have been quite worried about hurting it. I’ve increased my Crossfit classes and also doing strength based PT sessions, but I’ve only run a handful of times. 

Yesterday was weekly plodders and I jumped into the 6.30pm group and did 4 miles with a hill climb at the end, got back to base and rather than go home, I jumped onto the next group and did a slower 4 miles with them! 

I was spurred on by the virtual race I had entered!

Felt good to get 8 miles in last night, my knee was rock taped up and I had no pain. 

I entered my time into the Kryptonite 10k race i signed up for through POW! Virtual Running and now I’m excited to receive my medal!