4 sleeps to the 1/2 marathon 😱

Only 4 sleeps left to the big event (about to have one of those sleeps right now!)

As I mentioned in my last post, my training hasn’t quite gone to plan now that I’m pregnant… I’ve tried to do what I can, but my pace and endurance have plummeted. 

Hats off to those that run all the way through. 

I’m 22 weeks on Saturday and I’m feeling pretty knackered when running!

My motivation for the run is the fact I’m doing it for me and my bump, our first 1/2 together… I even had this maternity top made for me to run in…

It has the MS Trust badge on there as I’m trying to raise money for Multiple Sclerosis, a charity very close to my heart. FUNDRAISING PAGE

I had a lovely card through today from the MS Trust to wish my brother Jamie, the bump and I good luck for Sunday…

Lastly, the all important number arrived today too…


So, the race is on! I have my support belt for my ever growing bump, my running gear is at the ready and I just need a new water bottle to keep my fully hydrated. My only concern is whether or not I’ll finish the race in the allotted time. 

After the high of doing 10 miles last weekend… I attempted 5 miles last night and only managed 2.46 miles. I was so beaten and in pain, I had to call it a day. So now I’m worried I just won’t get far at all on Sunday 😢 

I’ll keep you posted though… if anyone has a spare £1/€1/$1 please help me raise as much as I can for people living with Multiple Sclerosis Donate here xxx 😘

Thank you xxx


10 miles and breaking news!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog. 

I have a valid excuse though!

I found out why I was fatiguing on long runs…

…why my energy just plummeted…

…why I lost my mojo…

…I’m pregnant!

I needed to have a mini break from the running for a few weeks at the start, but I’m back on track now. 

Currently I’m at 20 weeks and celebrated this with a 10 mile run on Sunday. I was slow and walked in parts, but I managed 10 miles in 2hrs 20mins. 

Only 2 weeks to the Rock ‘n’ Roll 1/2 marathon… I will complete it… even with my new ‘obstacle’!