13.1… DONE!!!!

My journey to the half marathon has come to an end!

I did it!

I’m so pleased with myself. 

I started this journey in August 2015 and couldn’t run one mile.

I set myself a daunting challenge to run 1/2 marathon May 29th 2016.

I had a knee injury I was seeking physio on, I fell pregnant while training and didn’t let it hold me back, I suffered pelvic pain from running and my physio worked his magic and helped me run…

… I can proudly say ‘I ran 1/2 marathon 29th May 2016 with my 22 week bump and my brother running to support me all the way round!’

My bump kicked and danced at every mile marker where the bandstands were, the loud music kept her busy, meaning I had to walk in parts while she wriggled!

The heat was immense, so I drank at every water stop. 

It wasn’t a record breaking run, but I crossed the finish line smiling!

Raised some money for MS Trust (Multiple Sclerosis)


Thank you for supporting me through this and reading my blog x

my younger brother and i

Seeing my plodder buddies pre race!

Crossing the finish line!!


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